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18 wheeler casuses injury, what offer should I take?

by Keith
(Glendale, AZ)

I was in the far right lane and the 18 wheeler was next to me in the middle lane. we were waiting for the light to turn green, when it did I proceeded to go straight and the truck began making a right turn in front of me, his truck bed/trailer dented my driver door shattered my windshield and caused the door handle to give me a bruised rib and very sore side. but the insurance company totaled my car and offered me the book value. and the hospital fees. am I entitled to more or should I just take the offer?


Hello Keith

You are entitled to all present injuries and future pain and suffering (if any) and future medical care. You need to take a look at the offer and makes you are happy with it. Arizona is pretty liberal with people in your position and you are probably entitled to more. You really need to talk to a lawyer.

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