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Car Driving Tips

Few Pointers So You Avoid an Accident

Are you looking for car driving tips?

Here, I have compiled the 15 most common reasons why people get into car accidents (judging from handling claims) and have made it into 15 useful car driving tips.

At the bottom of the page you will find more links to different subjects on defensive driving in different weather conditions.

Car Driving Tips The tips outlined below are from the most obvious (everyone should know this) to the most unknown.

These are the most common reasons why people get in car accidents.

Car Driving Tip # 1: Don’t Drink and Drive
Okay, we know. This is stupid right! We all know the drill. Drive hammered, get nailed!

This is the number one reason that men and women get into car accidents. What kind of car driving tip is that?
Unfortunately, alcohol-related accidents account for more deaths in the U.S. than violent crimes do.

Be responsible and ask for a ride home. If you know you are going to drink or you think there will be alcohol where you are going, ask someone to take you there.
Make sure the person who is driving will not be drinking either!

There are so many accidents where people think they are safe because someone else drove, until they realized the driver is more hammered than they were.

Do not trust people that appear to be sober. If they were drinking, their ability to drive is impaired, period.

Some people are very good at hiding the fact that they are drunk. Some others, not so much (we all know the guy that thinks he can drive home, but cannot walk straight to the car!).

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. If you have someone else’s keys and return it to them while they are intoxicated (legally not apparently) and consequently the owner of the keys got into an accident, you can be held liable (you must pay for all damages, injuries, and deaths) for giving them the keys back.


Do not assume responsibilities that you cannot fulfill. If a good friend asks you to hold their keys, just tell them you are planning to get plastered and you will probably take their car for a spin.

That will make them rethink if they should give you the keys!

Car Driving Tip # 2: Put on your makeup in the bathroom, not in the interstate!

I am not kidding you. I cannot tell you how many recorded statements confess that the real party at fault was L’Oreal.

Ladies, you look beautiful with your face straight, please keep it that way. That also includes your contact lenses.

Trying to put your contact lenses while you are driving (even if you are in a red light) can account to reckless driving and even gross negligence (the type of negligence that amounts to a criminal offense – involuntary manslaughter).

All joking aside, try to keep your eye on the road. If you really need to have your makeup on before you reach your destination, just take the extra time to do that.
The ten to fifteen minutes that you take in the bathroom could not only save you about five to fifteen years of jail time, but it could also save your own life.

Car Driving Tip # 3: You are not a juggler: talking on the cell phone, smoking, and shifting gears at the same time leads to bodily injury.

I am not sure why this is the case. But for whatever reason people feel very comfortable in their cars to do several things at the same time.

Multitasking is a great skill for the work place but leave it there. When you are driving, an accident could occur in a split second.

Driving demands all of your attention. Trying to eat breakfast, read a book or a magazine, and do your work when you are in the road could end up costing you dearly.

If you decide to do this, then it better be a very good bagel or the best novel you ever read. It could be the last one!


By the way, different states are starting to enact strong legislation regarding driving while talking on your cell phone.

They are beginning to make it illegal to talk and drive at the same time. You are going to have to use a hands-free set if you want to use your cell phone.

Simply buy the extra piece of equipment and keep it in your car. The hands-free set will be cheaper than your deductible if you are in a car accident or even the ticket you will get if you get busted.

Car Driving Tip # 4: Demonstration of Affection - Do it in the bedroom not in the way to the supermarket.

Okay, I was not sure how to put this one here.

I know you are reading between the lines. It happens more often than you think. Trying to hug, kiss, make out, and …. It’s illegal.

It can get you for lewd conduct. This goes for men as well as for women. Sometimes certain “car” accident injuries can only be explained if certain parts of the human body are exposed.

Do not think this happens with just couples. It happens to the solo driver as well.
I am not kidding nor am I making this stuff up. If you have an extreme urge to do something, then take care of that at home.

Do not endanger others by being a “wild animal on the road”, plus you will keep your car cleaner longer. Really!

Car Driving Tip # 5: My Car’s behind is sexy, I know – but get off it, would you?
Tail gaiters please, back off. All states have regulations against people driving too close.


You could get a ticket if you do not conserve at least 3 car lengths distance. Some states enforce that more than others, but there is nothing worst than to pay for a ticket that could have been avoided.

There are many reasons why you should stop doing this (other than getting into an accident and getting a ticket).

Tailgating leads to road rage incidents. The more time you are in someone’s behind, the greater the chances of getting shot.

It is very irritating and most people do not like it. Refrain from doing it. No need to push people to go faster. If they are going over the speed limit, then you should not be passing them. And if they are going too slow (under the limit), then you can pass them when it is safe.

Another reason is the possibility of getting sued.

We live in a society of lawsuits and personal injury claims (frivolous or not) are happening everyday.

In most states, if you hit a car from behind, you will be held 100% liable.
So if the vehicle in front is looking for a quick settlement, slamming on the breaks will be the way to go.

Your only defense will be that they did it on purpose, but that is a hard defense.  Be very careful.

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