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State Traffic Law

Before you take responsability for an accident read your state law


To determine if you violated any traffic law, you really should check your state motor vehicle code (or traffic code for some states).


Read carefully the specific definitions. Remember that the department of motor vehicles (DMV) guides and booklets are not considered valid when looking at vehicle accidents or determining fault. Instead, you must look at the codified state law enacted by your state legislature (the law of your state).

Do not simply rely on what an adjuster tells you, read the code line by line and determine what the law really is. You will be surprised to find out that in many cases you did not violate any law!

Read your state code as it applies to you line by line and make sure it applies to your specific situation. General applications of the law will not suffice as evidence of a violation of the code.

To find your state’s chapter of state traffic law click the link below.

If you get a ticket, you need to be able to get it dismissed or it can make you the "at fault" party.

See the table below for a link to every state traffic code.

State Traffic Law 
State Legislature Traffic Statute
Alabama (AL) Title 32
Alaska (AK) Title 28
Arizona (AZ) Title 28 Chap 3
Arkansas (AR) Title 27
California (CA) Division 11
Colorado (CO) Title 42
Connecticut (CT) Chapter 248
Delaware (DE) Title 21
Florida (FL) Title XXIII
Georgia (GA) Title 40
Hawaii (HI) Chapter 24 
Idaho (ID) Tile 49
Illinois (IL) Chapter 625
Indiana (IN) Title 9
Iowa (IA) Title VIII
Kansas (KS) Chapter 8
Kentucky (KY) Title XVI 
Louisiana (LA) Title 32
Maine (ME) Title 29-A
Maryland (MD) Title 11
Massachusetts (MA) Chapter 90
Michigan(MI) Chapter 257
Minnesota (MN) Chapter 169
Mississippi (MS) Title 63 
Missouri (MO) Chapter 304
Montana (MT) Title 61
Nebraska (NE) Title 60
Nevada (NV) Chapter 484
New Hampshire (NH) Chapter 265
New Jersey (NJ) Title 39
New Mexico (NM) Chapter 66
New York (NY) Chapter 71
North Carolina (NC) Chapter 20
North Dakota (ND) Title 39
Ohio (OH) Title 45
Oklahoma (OK) Title 47
Oregon (OR) Title 59
Pennsylvania (PA) Title 75
Rhode Island (RI) Title 31
South Carolina (SC) Title 56
South Dakota (SD) Title 32
Tennessee (TN) Title 55
Texas (TX) Title 37
Utah (UT) Title 41
Vermont (VT) Title 23
Virginia (VA) Title 46.2
Washington (WA) Title 46
West Virginia (WV) Chapter 17A
Wisconsin (WI) Chapter 340
Wyoming (WY) Title 31

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