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Adjusters Call Me Many Things

I like H├ęctor

My name is Héctor Quiroga. I was a claim adjuster for several years before I went to work for injury lawyers.

After that, I decided to go to law school. Hector Quiroga During the time I was involved adjusting claims, I specialized in many different types of insurance losses.

I started as a total loss adjuster; from there I was promoted to commercial losses. Shortly after, the company that I worked for promoted me to personal insurance claims (auto and home).

I adjusted claims involving bodily injury and property damage claims. I was handling more than 100 claims per month average. My settlement rate was about 60% monthly. I settled claims for up to $90,000.00. I had to deal with attorneys, arbitrators, insurance commissioners, and other insurance carriers and their adjusters.

Hector Qurioga

This taught me the inner workings of insurance. Working for both sides showed me the strategy both, insurance adjusters and attorneys, use when dealing with average people to settle claims.

To many this made me the “auto insurance expert”; however, most adjusters have a bigger and more impressive resumes than mine. The main different between them and me is that I have a strong desire to tell you how insurance companies really work; to reveal to you the best way to protect your interest.

So no auto claim expert here, just an honest guy trying to help out. I am not the only one behind this website. There is a team. An perhaps my wife (Casey Quiroga) should be the one called the auto claim expert.

She is also a lawyer and has litigated many bodily injury claims. Hector QuirogaHer knowledge, guidance, and research have been invaluable for this website.

We know it is hard to deal with insurance companies on your own; maybe some general information can guide you in the process.

Insurance companies are very good about training insurance adjusters to be great and very effective negotiators. They “invest” an average of two hours per week in seminars and other negotiation techniques.

I think insurance carriers know that this is a great investment! Not even in college or law school I have seen even one single class dedicated to negotiation building skills.

My point is that you are dealing with very savvy individuals, and sometimes even having an attorney will not help that much.

Adjusting claims can be a very stressful job; after all, an adjuster is short changing everyone where he/she can. Do not let your adjuster do this to you. Insurance companies get away with this because there is a lot of misinformation about insurance claims (if you can find it - as good insurance claim information is kept secret from consumers).

I hope these pages can help you understand a little more about your insurance claim, your auto accident, and your policy. Always remember, consider getting legal advice if the claim adjuster is not being honest with you. For more about me, Héctor Quiroga, please click here.

Best of luck

Héctor Quiroga, J.D.

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