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Should you report a claim after a car accident?

Or better yet, when should I report a claim? As soon as possible!


Do I have to report a claim?

You should always report the claim as soon as possible. Waiting could cause many problems regarding coverage.

Do call and report a claim. Most insurance companies have 800 numbers that will file claims 24 hours everyday of the week.

Remember that you must report your claim with the actual Insurance Company Claims Office, not with your agent. Agents very often “forget” to file the claim and your insurance company will later deny coverage. Protect your interest by filing the claim yourself.

Some attorneys will tell you that it is better if you let them file the claim for you.

This always raises the eyebrow of the insurance company (you got in an accident and already have an attorney). If the accident is recent, then you should do this yourself.

When you call to report a claim, have at hand all the necessary information regarding the car accident.


Give your insurance company the information available to you like - location, passengers, names, telephone numbers, damages, tow truck information, and vehicle location. Some insurance companies, depending on the time you call, will transfer you to a claims adjuster to take your recorded statement.

I wrote an entire section regarding recorded statements. If you are comfortable giving your own insurance adjuster a recorded statement, then go for it.

Nevertheless, I warn you against doing it at that time.

Insurance companies and their adjusters are busy all the time. They want to get your recorded statement as soon as possible, and they only want one recorded statement.

If you are giving the recorded statement too soon, then some of the symptoms that will appear later will go unreported.

Consequently waiting too long will only cause you to lose important details.


The best thing to do is to call your insurance company, report the claim, give them some information, and decline to take the recorded statement at that time.

Just make an appointment with the adjuster for a recorded statement via telephone the following week so they can move the claim forward.

You should always report a claim with the other party’s insurance company.

Call and inform them about the auto accident you were involved in.

Give them all the information available to you - location, passengers, names, telephone numbers, damages, tow truck information, vehicle location, etc. Nevertheless, never give the other party's insurance carrier a recorded statement. Please refer to the section on recorded statements.

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