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Should I go by ambulance to seek care?

You need to decide if this is the best thing for you. Evaluate the situation carefully


Should I go by ambulance to the emergency room from the vehicle accident scene? If you believe that the impact was substantial, the answer is absolutely YES!

You should be taken in an ambulance directly to an emergency room.

If the impact was slight to minimal, you do not want to look like you are taking advantage of the circumstances. It is better to wait and to go to the emergency room afterwards.

You can always deny treatment and/or deny to be taken to the ER by ambulance.

If the impact was somewhat hard, it is a good idea to go by ambulance because you can get the care your injuries require faster (at the scene and at the ER).

Some people are reluctant to go because they do not want to leave the accident scene behind (their car, passengers, etc.). You should not worry about those things. Your health should be your first priority.

Let them put you in the ambulance and receive the medical treatment your injuries require. Your passengers should do the same.


The insurance company will place more importance on your claim if an ambulance was required. In other words, your claim for pain and suffering will be worth more.

Again, if the impact was not that bad or it was only a MINOR bumper to bumper impact, then going by ambulance can be seen as an act to take advantage of the insurance company. Nevertheless, you should not worry about this.

If you are legitimately injured, forget about how the insurance company handles your claim or what people think. Your health is always first!

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