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Paramedics at the Accident Scene

Make sure you tell them all your symptoms


The paramedics are at the accident scene! How to handle the situation so you are protected?

When paramedics are at the accident scene, it is because someone is injured (obviously).

Make sure you ask about the other person’s well being. This will show that you are a caring person, however, you are accepting fault for what happened.

Most of the time, paramedics will not release any information to you regarding his or her health, but you can always ask.

If the injured person is you or someone in your vehicle, then do not decline care at the accident scene.

It is important to be checked at the scene, even if you have no pain. Usually the adrenaline rush could distract you to the point that you cannot feel the injury, but later on you will be in a lot of pain.

The insurance company will ask you why you declined care. They will argue later that this is another indication that your injury does not deserve a high settlement amount since you did not did not suffer from it so much.


Be extra careful of what you say to paramedics. It is easy to get caught in the heat of the moment, and since they are aiding you, you might feel you can talk to them.

They will ask you for injury information and more especially what part of your body hit the vehicle.

They will report everything, and later it will be read and reviewed by insurance carriers and their adjusters.

If you report that your right knee was hurting the night before but know that the accident made it worse, guess what?

The insurance carrier will devalue your claim due to a preexisting injury, even if that injury was not a big deal at all.

When paramedics are at the accident scene, they will take note of everything. They will report the right knee injury.

If you have another injury (say your left knee hurts), the insurance carrier will quickly point out that this was not an issue at the accident scene.


Insurance adjusters are trained to guard their company against everyone. They believe that everyone is out there to take advantage of them.

Therefore, if you legitimately have a claim, but you forget to report an original issue to the paramedic, the insurance company will not cover for those injuries or will be very reluctant to make payments on your behalf.

Do not refuse any kind of medical treatment. Paramedics know best, even if you think you are okay. In most accidents, people will not feel any pain until the next day.

At that point you will wish that the paramedic saw you and made some recommendations regarding your medical condition. Ask them for the normal whiplash procedures.

If you have kids with you in the vehicle, it is very important that they get checked out, both at the accident scene and at the hospital.
Kids can suffer severe yet hidden injuries and if they are not detected, they can have drastic consequences.

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