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Should I Call The Police?


Do I have to call the police immediately after an accident?


It is essential that you contact the police (YOU SHOULD CALL THE POLICE).

I know this sounds strange, but the adjuster will be looking to see if you wanted the police involved or not. If you do not want the police involved, they will assume that maybe you have something to hide (you know you will get a ticket).

Some people will tell you that they called the police when in reality they did not.

When you allow the other party to contact the police, their report will be something similar to “this car just came and hit me.”
These statements could become evidence against you later on.

I know many people do not want to call the police because they believe the damages are low.

They also believe that they can talk to the other party without having to have tickets issued to any party.

If you leave the scene and then the police get called, you can be cited for leaving the scene of the accident.

In addition, if you are at the scene of the accident and you try to negotiate repairs without the police, there will be no guarantees of anything. The other party can deny things later, and they can blame you for everything.


I have seen claims where the police were not involved, and then later the parties disagree about how many passengers were in each vehicle.

You might think you hit one person, but suddenly you have five people claiming injuries against you!

Note that the police will not come to the scene if they believe there are no bodily injuries.

Cities and counties are having budget cuts, and it is simply too expensive to have police officers come out to every single car accident.

In other jurisdictions, the police will not come out to parking lot accidents.

Most parking lot accidents involve private property. Since this is the case, the police will not have jurisdiction over that parking lot (unless there are injuries).

If the accident is in a public road and the dispatcher told you that an officer would be sent to the scene but is taking too long, call every twenty minutes and do not move your vehicle. Having traffic back up will create more phone calls to the police, and therefore, it would make them come out.

If you are in one of those accidents where no police officer will come out, then you have to go to the police station as soon as you can (after you visit the emergency room).

This is very critical and important.

This is called a Walk-In report. You can just tell the clerk that you have been involved in a vehicle accident earlier in the day, and you want to file a report. They will give you a form to fill out.


Here is your chance to outline what happened in the accident, how many people were involved, injuries incurred, and you can also explain that you did call the police but they did not come out.

If you run out of space, then ask for an addendum or a piece of paper where you can continue writing.

Do not draw a diagram here, you will do this later (when you have more time and can think clearly about everything).

This could become your strongest piece of evidence to clear you from any liability.

Certain claims require you to file a police report. Make sure you do this to protect all your rights, and to make sure your insurance can protect your rights.

If the police show up and give you a ticket, then you need to dispute it. Read the speeding ticket eBook or the traffic ticket eBook to get your citation dismissed.

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