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18-Wheeler Rear Ended Me

by Trenice
(New Orleans, LA)

I was traveling on the interstate merging onto the incoming traffic. I had clearly made the lane, myself and the car in front of me. When getting on interstate I did see a Police officer traveling in the middle lane.

I thought this was great because he probably saw what had just happened, boy was I wrong. The time of day was morning traffic so it was stop and go travel. Well I was 5 months pregnant when the accident happened so as a precaution I went away to the hospital in an ambulance and was not at the scene to give a statement. The police officer told me he would bring my information to the hospital.

He came to the hospital with a ticket for me for improper lane usage. I just don’t understand I had made the lane and this 18-wheeler slams me from the rear.

The 18-wheeler's insurance company progressive has denied payment to me because the police officer claims to have saw the accident. I feel like dying inside and my case is through. I didnt cut him off at all and I have secured an attorney to help me fight this. Do I have a case since a police officer claims he saw what happened?


Hello Trenice,

You do need to talk to an attorney. Only a local attorney will be able to tell you your rights as they related to your situation. Having a police officer testify against you is strong evidence against you, but without a proper investigation, it’s impossible to tell if this will completely bar your case.

Do you have a case? Again, it depends on all other evidence. Present your case to an attorney and see what they say.

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Good Luck,

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