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2nd accident within a year what is going to happen if I make a claim?

by Steven
(Arlington. TX)

I got in a accident somewhere in September last year and it was a hit and run and I filed a claim for it and they put it down as totaled. I was with state farmer when that happened.

Just few days ago this month of april I got in a accident but this time I end up hitting a car from the back and its been under a year this the second one.

I am with Allstate and its only liability this time so what are they going to do and how bad is it going to affect me?


Hello Steven,

Well, accident history can affect your rates. The circumstances surrounding the accident will determine the impact.

If this was a “fluke”, then probably the impact will not be noticeable. If this was a second accident where you were under the influence of alcohol, then the impact will be severe. It really depends.

Remember, you do pay insurance for a reason. Your rates will probably go up, but depending on your situation, that may not even be an issue.

Good Luck,

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