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3rd party insurer at fault but still hasn't accepted liability

by Susan
(Las Vegas)

I was making a left hand turn at a green arrow and the other driver ran a red light and t-boned the driver side of my car.

The 3rd party was cited for running a red light. I have been seeking medical treatment, messed up back, got an attorney etc.

My insurance is only liability and nothing is covered for my car, nor medical treatment, not even a rental. Been paying for a rental car for a month outta pocket. 3rd party denied the rental expenses b/c they have not accepted liability yet.

My car was towed, my insurance wouldn't evaluate it b/c I only have liability and that isn't covered in my policy. Got notice from the towing company that they would auction my car, supposedly 3rd pary insurance company got my car outta towing and still has not declared it at total loss and has not accepted liability for the accident. How long does the 3rd party insurance company have to accept or deny liability?

If they deny liability even though the police report states the other driver is at fault, what happens next? what happens to my car and the money the 3rd party insurance company paid to get my car outta towing. If they accept liability will they pay for rental, car damages, medical expenses, etc?

3rd party insurer still has my car, how do I know for sure they even got my car outta towing?


Hello Susan,

You need to talk to your attorney. They are the best qualify people to force this thing to move forward. You have legal representation and this is why you need to have them work with the insurance company.

A liability decision could take as long as 30 days, but it can create severe consequences for your (rental bills, miss work, etc…). Also, you could end up being responsible for the bills as you do have a duty to mitigate your damages.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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