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9 months pregnant, hit off the road by a car.

by Jessica
(North Carolina)

It was a rainy night. I was going about 40 to 50 mph. no cruise on. had 2 kids with my, 1 year old and 5 year old. 9 months pregnant. a car was passing me, then hydroplaned and drove straight into my driver side door. spun us off the road and into a deep mud puddle.

The kids and I are ok. my blood pressure was up and I started labor and contractions, but they eventually released me from the hospital in hopes that it will stop once the stress is gone.

My car is more than likely totaled. its an 03' with about 150,000 miles and a KBB value of around $3,500. I had everything in my car, from clothes, car seats, tons of CD's, house key, cell phone. my child's hand held game and lots of stuff fell in the puddle so im not even sure what i lost in there.

I don't even know where to start. and i have three children (almost) and i need a car, but they are saying I may get a $3,000 check if totaled and then be left stranded with no car. my car was paid off, in good condition. We bought it new and kept it up with everything and now im left with nothing.

Is this right or is there something i need to do?

Answer to 9 months pregnant, hit off the road by a car.

Hello Jessica,

Total loss is a process that can really victimize the consumer. Please see our section on total loss. There, we explain how you can ensure you are getting a better settlement from the insurance company!

You do have some homeword to do. If the value looks too low, ensure that you are getting a better values or more like correct values. They will tell you that BB and NDA values are not valid, that is not entirely true.

Other thant that, if you are injured, make sure you consult with an attorney. The insurance settle could be substantial for each of you (everyone in the vehicle).

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I hope this helps,

Good luck,
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