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New Hampshire Insurance Laws

New Hampshire Insurance laws do not require you to carry car insurance. However, in the event of an accident where you are deemed at fault, you are mandated by state law to post a bond or a cash equivalent that will cover for the damages that resulted from the collision.

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Now if you decide to carry car insurance, New Hampshire Insurance laws require you to be insured at least to the state’s insurance minimums. To satisfy the financial responsibility requirement of New Hampshire, you should have the following coverages.


New Hampshire Auto Insurance Requirements
A liability coverage minimum of 25/50/25

  • a minimum of $25,000 for injury liability of one person in a single accident for a total of $50,000 for all injuries in a single accident
  • a minimum of $25,000 for property damage in a single accident.

You may also opt to purchase an auto insurance policy with a single limit of $75,000. This will also satisfy the set insurance minimums of the state of New Hampshire

Liability insurance coverage covers you for damages you caused others in an auto collision for which you are legally responsible for. Liability coverage does not cover for the repair of the damages to your own vehicle. If you seek this coverage you better purchase Collision and Comprehensive coverage.


Collision coverage will pay for damages to your auto due to a collision with another vehicle and/or object. For damages to your auto vehicle caused by anything other than a collision, Comprehensive coverage will protect you from the expenditures you incur from the repair of your car.

The Department of Insurance of New Hampshire does not set a definite rate for car insurances issued in the state. Car insurance rates vary from one insurance company to another. Take the initiative to take quotes from different insurance providers and compare their rates. Choose the insurance provider that provides the insurance package that best fit your needs.

According to New Hampshire Insurance Laws, NH RSA 264:16, if you decide to purchase a car insurance policy for your vehicle then you are also required to purchase Medical Payments Coverage. Medical Payments Coverage will cover for medical bills you sustain out of an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault for the collision. You are required by state law to have a Medical Payment Coverage of at least $1,000.


As mandated by New Hampshire Insurance Laws, NH RSA 264:15, if you decide to purchase a car insurance policy for your vehicle then you are also required to purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Uninsured Motorist Coverage will cover you for bodily injuries you incur when in a collision with an uninsured motorist or when involved in a hit-and-run incident. With this coverage, you are also protected from collisions with an underinsured motorist.

Your policy then will pay for the difference between the maximum limits of the underinsured motorist’s auto policy and your medical bills from the collision.

The state of New Hampshire also requires you to carry the same limits in your Uninsured Motorist Coverage as that of your Auto Liability Coverage.

New Hampshire Insurance Laws

Modified Comparative

Fault -- 51 Percent Bar
Liability Insurance required? No
Personal injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident. $25,000
bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident. $50,000
property damage liability maximum for one accident. $25,000
PIP required? No
No-fault state? No
Uninsured motorist coverage required? Yes
Bodily Injury Statue Of limitations 3 Years
Property Damage Statute of Limitation 3 Years
Small Claims Court Maximum LimitS $5,000

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