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Accident at restaurants parking lot

by Trina

I had someone back into my vehicle in a restaurant parking lot. I live in TX and unless accident is in the street it is considered a private property accident.

I got officer to give me a report as a courtesy.The report does state that she backed into my vehicle while i was in line at the restaurant. MY problem is my insurance has lapsed. The Other driver is fully covered.

Not sure what to do to get her insurance to fix my vehicle.I do have all of her insurance information.


Hi Trina,

Well, you were not in the vehicle (you were in line) so obviously you are not liable for this accident (assuming that were parked legally). You need to contact that person's insurance company and file a claim with them. You can decline or tell them that you do not want to go through your own insurance carrier.

They will do an investigation and they fix your car. They can deny your claim if the other driver denies the facts and you do not have any witness to show that the accident happened how you described it. It is important to get witness and/or a video from the parking lot (if possible). Also, the report can help you show that an incident happened but it will probably be worthless unless the other person admits to fault.

The first step is to call and file the insurance claim. They will probably want a recorded statement, which you will probably have to give if you want them to move the investigation forward.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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