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Accident Claims-pain and suffering

by Daniel

Hello, i was involved in a "T-bone" style accident where the driver ran a stop sign and hit me. I ran over a bump and a stop sign.

He admitted fault and i filed a claim. His insurance company paid damages of 4050 in repairs and agreed to pay pain and suffering along with lost wages and bills... due to the accident i suffered injury to my neck back and shoulder, im still having pain and my Dr allowed me back to work per my request, cause i cant sit at home not getting paid.

I don't really no how to request a number for pain and suffering, i missed going on a trip and the opportunity to do a dry wall job which would have paid me 2700.

Do i include this loss? do i include lifestyle changes since my shoulder is still hurting? I'm not trying to become rich i just wanna get what my loss is worth to me...



Hi Daniel

Well I am sorry to hear your situation. In most injury cases you are entitled to all your documented wage loss. You are also entitled to pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, loss of earnings capacity etc.

It is hard to say exactly how many things or damages you are entitled to without looking at all your medical records and all the facts.

You should ask an attorney about all the claims you can make and how you should go about putting a number of these claims.

There are several things you can ask for or at least you can make the claim and try to be compensated for. visit: Here you have get detail information on most the injury claims and arguments you can raise.

As you said, you are not trying to get an unfair settlement either way, you are simply trying to get what you deserve.

I hope you feel better.

Good luck,

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