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Accident in my own driveway

by Ian

Backing up in my driveway a truck pulled in hit my rear end they say they were parked i say they hit me 20 feet in my driveway from road who is at fault they didn't take my insurance i took theirs i reported it they didn't now they change story what will go on thanks in pennsylvannia


Hello Ian,

Usually the vehicle backing has a greater duty. However, if they came 20 feet into your driveway, then chances are that you are not at fault.

If they change their story, then you would have to prove that they came into your drive way.

This can be almost impossible without a third party witness that can testify to this. Looks like there is no police report. So try to be on top of your adjuster to protect your interests at all cost.

They must advocate for you and must believe your side of the story. If there is a dispute, you will likely end up in arbitration.

Good Luck,

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