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Accident Medical Bills

by Michael

I was a passenger in a car accident. The other party is 100% liable. I retained an attorney for this matter who is working for 1/3 of the moneys received.

I have no insurance and went to the ER the night of the accident and received a hefty bill, just under $5000.

I'm also being treated by a chiropractor 3 times a week. I'm in California by the way. When this settles, am I likely to receive any additional moneys on top of my medical expenses? or is there a possibility that my medical bills will be so high that after paying my attorney, I could actually be in the hole?"


Hi Michael,

The answer is no. Your medical bills get paid first, and your lawyer will take a percentage of the total amount (medical bills + Pain and suffering), however this percentage is taken after the medical bills are paid. This means that the lawyer will not collect until the medical bills are all covered. The lawyer will then take his cut and then give you the rest.

The lawyer will not settle unless there is enough money to pay for all the meds. She cannot settle unless you give the go ahead, so make sure you settle for an amount in excess of the medical bills.

Remember that your lawyer's gets 1/3 of what she gets you, so she cannot settle or the case does not turn as good as anticipated, then that 1/3 fee will not be as great.

for more info about medical bills.

Good Luck,

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