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Accident out of state, in a 'no fault' state

I am a Maryland resident, my car is insured with the State of Maryland through Geico. I go to school in Michigan and at times bring my car to school if necessary. This weekend I had my car in Michigan and was severely rear-ended by a kid going about 45mph while I was at a stand-still.

I am pretty sure he was texting and driving but I have no way of proving it. Both cars were severely damaged along with personal property in my car (my laptop and tablet were both in the trunk of my car and now neither will power-up), I was taken to the hospital b/c I struck my head on the steering wheel and had a concussion.

My insurance company has been slow to respond, no claim or medical adjuster contacted me within the first 24hrs of reporting the accident and my phone calls have been ignored.

I have no car now and a very sore and bruised body.

To add to the insult people have been telling me that Michigan is a 'no-fault' state so it will be on my insurance company to pay for all the damages and medical claims.

I am a grad student so I don't have access money to even replace my car which I will need full-time next semester as I start rotations. Where do I go from here? I can't believe that the punk kid who ran into me would get off free and that I will be stuck with a deductible and no car.

When I contacted Geico in Maryland they said that the Michigan office would have to handle my case and yet they have basically left me hanging with no answers.

Answer to Accident out of state, in a 'no fault' state:


The accident will follow the jurisdiction of where it occurred. You availed yourself to Michigan by driving there and going to school there.

If you have full coverage, your insurance company should compensate for your car and the deductible should be paid by the other carrier so it makes you whole.

There are a lot of requirements about no fault insurance / state. I recommend that you talk to a lawyer in Michigan. Our understanding is that property damage is treated differently from the injury, and that the injury could be compensated if it limit your normal life activities. It's more complex that you will find online.

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