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Accident Question: What should I do?

by Corey
(Athens, Ohio, United States)

A few months back, I lost control of my car and rear-ended another car. Unfortunately, I didn't have insurance at the time of the accident. The damage to my vehicle was minimal, but weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating I owed the other party around $3,000 in damages to their vehicle.

I was perfectly fine with that...up until a day ago. I received a call from Nationwide stating that I NOW owed the other party $13,000. Very frustrated and quite confused on how the amount jumped $10,000, I asked for an itemized statement.

I'm guessing the $10,000 is for hospital bills, but I know for a fact that the other party was not injured.

I am 21 years old, paying back my student loans and definitely cannot afford an attorney...what can I do? Am I getting screwed?

Answer to Accident Question: What should I do?

Hello Corey,

You did the right thing by asking for an itemized statement of the damages. You could dispute the damages, but they have the power to ask the state to revoke your driver license if you don't pay or enter into a payment plan (for what they say).

This can leave you in a bad spot, so start asking for estimates and figure out why it is 10K!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck,
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