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Accident: Side view mirror broken

by Sivaji

In residential area while I was driving in 25 miles per hour with my son in the back, suddenly a person from the car parallel parked in the street opened the door and damaged my whole, right side rear mirror and this also did do a minor scratch to their door.

We didn't call the cops as the other person accepted his fault and gave his insurance number. Now he is backing out and telling that he wouldn't pay. Upon that he would claim the scratch on his door. Please tell me whose problem it is? and How can I proceed this?

Thank you so much,



Hello Sivaji,

It is very hard to determine who is at fault. But every driver/passenger have a duty to lookout before opening the door. It is possible that this person must pay you for the damages.

If you their information, then it would be a good idea to contact their insurance company and have them investigate. They will determine who is at fault regardless of what he says.

for more information on how to document your claim so you can get paid.

Good Luck,

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