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Accident Statement Misrepresented

by JGB

I was recently in a car accident and state farm is my insurer. I gave a recorded statement to state farm and said that the other car went through a traffic light but this wasn't true.

I was so scared at the time of getting in trouble but now I want to revise my statement to tell the whole truth. this one mistruth has been eating away at me inside and I want to come clean. liability has not yet been determined and I want to be honesties it too late for me and will i get in big trouble for lying in my initial statement or is there still time and hope for me?

others are telling me a lie will void my coverage and I am terrified of that happening but isnt it better to be honest now and revise my statement now before the investigators set out to determine liability.

In other statements i gave i never mentioned the traffic light. I need to know the consequences of my actions but i am going to be honest regardless.

Thank you for your help


Hello Jbg,

Well… first, lesson learn: never lie to an insurance company. This can be consider as insurance fraud and can give you a big headache.

You probably should talk to an attorney before making any decision.

You can come clean and tell the insurance company that you lied. This will put the adjuster in a bad spot as they might have to report you. If however, you tell the insurance company you really are not sure about the light situation.

That after reviewing all the facts and circumstances you feel the light was actually red or that you do not recall it, then there might be a way to change the outcome. Even if they ask you why you were sure before but now you change your tune, you can always claim that simply, you were scare and really did not know (the truth). This might be enough.

However, some adjusters will drill you and try to frame you for fraud. Again, talk to a lawyer, they can help you.

Good Luck,

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