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Accident with no insurance driver

by Jo

My husband was recently involved in a car accident. He was driving on a three lane road. Right lane turning right only, middle lane straight and right and left lane going only straight. He was turning right on the middle lane and the driver going on the right turn only lane tboned him with 40 mi/h.

Him being in the military, we luckily didnt have any lost wages or medical bills, but our car is damaged.

The other driver, who he was concerned about, since she was pregnant, claimed to be the passenger during the interview with the police.

They also claimed that my husband hit them.. which even the police said is not realistic, evaluating the accident site. Now they also claim that my husband was on the cell, which he was not, as our phone bill can prove.

The fact is, that the actual driver was driving without the license and the passenger, who claimed to be driving gave insurance info, that is not active.

Well, luckily our insurance will cover, but should they, or should we go to court? He had a injured spine, not seriously and was taken to the ER where he was treated for almost 5 hours.

Slowly we are getting a little upset by the other driver telling the story and especially my husband recieved a ticket for 50 dollars, stating that he should have watched his side...

well, he has a court date for that, since he is not willing to pay that ticket. Is that the correct way to go about that?

Thank you so much for the info !!!!


Hi Jo,

I am sorry to hear you and your husband are in this situation. There are so many people driving around the country without insurance and licenses that it is scary.

If your husband had to go to the ER, then he is injured (according to insurance adjusters). You will be dealing with your own insurance company for damages. They will pay his medical bills and then try to collect against the person that hit you (who ever the driver really is). He will get compensated for pain and suffering if you carry uninsured bodily injury damages in the your own auto policy.

The insurance company will pay you, and then they are going to go after the person that hit you. Usually they do not go to court, but instead they turn the file to collections.

Regarding your ticket, if you want to dispute your citation, you do have to go to court and dispute this yourself. The insurance company will not get involve as he was the one there and the one that was cited.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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