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Accident with no witness only people in cars their against mine | What to do?

by David
(Lake Charles,La)

Driving southbound have a green light at intersection.

Northbound driver turns in front of me we wreck.
Police ticket nobody say it is 50/50.

Does that mean my insurance pays their damages and their insurance pays my damages.


Hello David,

It will depend on your state law. You said you are in La?

There is not a La state, so I think you meant Los Angeles, CA. If that is the case, 50/50 percent liability would mean that they pay half of your damages and you pay half of them.

Remember, however, police does not determine fault. Insurance companies do. They will have to do an investigation and a decision will be rendered. Both insurance companies will have to come to an agreement or go to arbitration.

Please see:

For more about fault, please see:

Good Luck,

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