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Adjuster claims their driver is 80% and Im 20% at fault

I was driving down a main street when another driver run a stop sign clearly into my path from a side street.

I hit my brakes causing a skid right into the rear quater panel of her truck. The driver stated to me her brakes went out and that she was fully covered and would pay for my damages, I got her info and filed claim and no police were called out. Her insurance came out investigated days later and finally called with an offer of $1800.00 minus $377.00 dollars because they said I was 20% at fault because they said I may been speeding and the fact that the damage to her truck was on the rear quarter panel area of her truck.

I told them I was not at fault at all because someone ran a stop sign and yes I said I saw them nearing the stop sign but did not think they were gonna run it. Immediately hitting my brakes skidding right into the back area passenger side of the truck..

How can I contest this alone without a lawyer and the Adjuster said this is the only offer they are giving. By the way I was driving a 2002 ford Taurus 183460 miles.



Please see our section on fault here:

You could also go to small claims court, and see our notes here.

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