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Adjuster make sevral false reprsentations on vehicle and does not account for upgrades or prior condition is this a crime?

by Randall
(WA )

I was involved in 2 mva's the 1st accident I requested my insurance company to provide an estimate, then informed me since they other driver has insurance they will take care and handle it, even though I insisted they send an adjuster, 2 weeks later my vehicle gets hits by a metro shuttle bus.

I call my insurance and state who struck my vehicle they automatically send an adjuster and wanted me to provide them paperwork from 1st mva and costs. I declined and mentioned to my insurance i'm not obligated to provide you with the costs you declined to meet and provide an estimate am sure if you had i wouldn't be in a 2nd mva, i dont consider it good faith is what I stated to agent. The adjuster they sent I made sure he was to meet with me at body shop, the truck is a commercial mobile detail truck (office on wheels) in fact I opened a business policy to protect my truck being a business esp an office on wheel mobile gate keeper garage type policy and made sure the agent was aware of coverage I requested , i didn't sign paperwork he informed me he would add it next to the auto policy i had on truck already.

I meet with adjuster and indicate all the upgrades on the vehicle from a custom RECARO DRIVERS SIDE SEAT ( adjuster states mismatch seat), custom stereo, alarm sytem(not considered), stock 6 spoke alloy wheels which have been customized, they were polished, spokes color matched truck and clear coated,(not included or vent visors floor mats, spray in bed liner) not tinted aft mkt front pass&driver side windows (not included) tow package,oem add on splash guards, sst tail pipe and gas cover, michelin cross terrain 265/70r-16 tires standard tires when purchased truck were 245-70r16 presently they are 265 a taller tire.

All the receipts I have never pay a role in considering the correct price I had no idea a taller tire would effect the speed or the mileage of the truck, clueless until i inquired with FORD DEALER they advised me to mile point to mile point test and discovered that for the last 13 years or so, my odometer has recorded incorrect mileage and mph.

The dealer states the adjuster is aware of this just as we are the oem dealer, if he doesn't he is committing a crime.

My insurance agent advised me he would make sure they repair my truck asking if I had receipts n replied i have all since i bought truck new i later discover then not only total loss on truck but the commercialinsurance i have been paying for 6 years never covered my truck at all, what i asked my agent was i payinf for? he has not spoken to me since. They dimished the 1st mva added then subtracted from 2nd mva not includes any fabrication or upgrades on truck and falsified to dept of licensing it be a total loss, is this a crime according to wa st law?


Hello Randall,

Well, falsification of any public document or misrepresentation to the DMV is a crime. If they believe the truck to be a total loss, then they have to report that. Insurance companies decide what vehicles are totaled and which ones are not. You can negotiate and try to have them fix the vehicle, but that is the case.

The only thing here, if your vehicle was totaled in the first impact, then the second impact only affected the salvage value (substantially lower deduction). You may want to get your own insurance company to handle this matter for you. They may offer a better payout than the other insurance company.

Consider talking to an attorney and the office of the department of insurance.

Good Luck,
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