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Adjuster says I am negligent

by KRQ
(Richmond Virginia)

I had an accident which was caused by a medical emergency. My sugar level dropped low and as such I hit a front porch of a house.

The insurance adjuster asked if I had sugar lows previously which I replied yes but never had one this sever where I sort of blacked out.

He stated as such I am negligent and responsible for repairs to the porch.

If this is the case why am I paylin liability property damage to the insurance company. Is he correct?


Hello KRQ,

Sounds like the adjuster asked the proper question. Sudden emergency is a defense to negligence. If you sugar level drops and this is the first time it occurred, then you cannot be negligent. If this has happened before OR YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE THAT THIS COULD OCCUR, then you must ensure that this does not happen while your drive or not drive at all.

The house is not a moving object so there cannot be negligence there. Since you had knowledge of your low sugar issues, this can likely make you liable for the damages to the house.

You pay insurance to protect your for things like this, so you should coverage on your own insurance policy to pay for the porch.

Good thing you are not hurt!

Good Luck,
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