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Advising insurance co. when child turns 16

by Brenda

A friend said when her son turned 16, she did not need to advise her insurance co. since vehicles (not people) on most policies are covered. She said this is perfectly legal if he is driving her vehicle. Have you heard of this?

Once he gets a ticket (or accident), the ins. co. would then be notified and raise rates.



Hello Brenda,

In the surface this appears to be correct. There would not illegality here, but there could be a violation of the policy terms that can leave the 16yo without coverage.

Most auto policies do not require you to tell you if someone turns age ,but they might require you to disclose if a family member obtains a permit to drive or a driver license. It is very hard to say what your insurance requires without looking at the actual policy. If the policy requires you to do this, then you have to. If it does not, then you do not. Check your policy and see if they put any requirements like this on yours.

Most policies do not go that far and your friend's statement is correct, however, it is not 100% true all the time. You can talk to your agent and notify them of the "new" driver. This usually covers you in case something does happen.

If the driver gets a ticket, the insurance company will raise the rates if the offense grants that. Some insurance companies never found out. They have to request the records or you have to tell them. Most states do nor report this to insurance companies but the make this information available to them in case they ask for it.

I hope this clears up some confusion,

Good Luck,

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