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After auto accident problems

by Jennifer
(Santa Maria, ca)

I was in a pretty nasty car accident early this year... my 2008 honda civic was fixed (10K @ the body shop, 3K at the dealer) the car was not totalled out (why, i have no clue..the repairs exceeded the value of the vehicle)the car also had frame damage done... Now, a few months down the road im having a LOT of front end issues (brakes, transmission, driving problems..)

The insurance company wont put out anymore money to fix the car, i do not have the money to fix it either. Can i take the insurance company to court or do i take the driver that hit me?

Also, im not the legal owner of the vehicle, Honda is..(the car is leased) the insurance company didn’t even contact honda regarding repairs or what they wanted to be done to the vehicle.

Honda should of had to sign the repair authorization along with me from what ive there any way to get them to take the car and salvage it now? with my lease i have GAP coverage... and I’ve tried selling the car and trading it in, nobody wants it due to the accident that shows up via carfax.


Hello Jennifer,

Unfortunately, you are in a very difficult situation. There is no question that the car should have been totaled, and that you need an attorney. Insurance companies hate this type of situation, where they sink a bunch a money to fix and then they realize the car should have been a total loss. They will not want to totaled now. However, it is not what they want but about your bottom line.

If the insurance company decides to fix, then they must pay to get the car back in the position it was before the accident. You had a pretty new car (2008, basically new), so this will help you show that the problems you are having today are not common. You can press the insurance company to re inspect and look at this problems by filling a complaint with the department of insurance of your state. Also, contact your local attorney to see what they can do to get you out of this situation.

Yes, you can sue the person who hit you, but need a lawyer for this.

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Good Luck,

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