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Alaska Accident Law

Being up to date on Alaska Accident Law can help you and your family steer clear from unnecessary nuisances. Sadly, vehicle accidents are now a staple on the roads of the state of Alaska and these often result to financial hardship for the parties involved especially if they are unprepared for a collision.

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Accident Laws in the state are intended to give complete protection to families against auto accidents. These laws even give consideration for injuries that are not discovered immediately. Knowledge of the state accident laws protect you from being taken advantage of and also helps you avoid committing grave legal mistakes that you might regret later on.


Auto collisions that involve alcohol are the most popular on the roads of Alaska costing around millions of dollars of damages, inclusive of damages from bodily injury, property damage and reduced quality of life. In other words, alcohol-related auto collisions are far more lethal and more costly than any other type of vehicular collision. Injured parties and their parties should seek legal advice to lead them through the intricacies of Alaska Accident Law.

This is especially the case when wrongful death is involved. Proper legal advice can help them collect the compensation they are rightfully entitled to.

Accident laws have been enforced to mitigate damages ensuing from drunk driving. But even these laws are not enough to stop someone from choosing to drive while intoxicated. Alaska has severe punishments for DUI offenses. Offenders can be held accountable both in the criminal and civil arena.

Injuries resulting from an auto collision can be physical, emotional or both. The latter is usually the case. For this, drivers who operate their vehicles while under the influence are considered a danger to society.

Even those parties who cause others emotional distress should be dealt with to the full extent of the law. In Alaska, damaged parties can seek compensation for their pain and suffering that ensued from the physical and/or emotional trauma of the accident. A competent layer can advocate for you in this situation.


Alaska Accident Law places a maximum limit on the amount of monetary compensation a damaged party can collect in a small claims court for any one vehicular accident. Damaged parties can only recover up to $10,000 as compensation for damages incurred. State laws allow a grace period of 2 years for an injured party to file a claim against the responsible party or his insurance provider. The 2-year period starts from the date the bodily injury was first noticed. 

It is quite often that parties get confused with where they should file their case. Even if it is more convenient, by the Alaska Accident law a damaged party should not file a claim in his own local court. A law suit should be filed in the local court of the party to be sued. If it is physically impossible or economically unwise to do so, a party may opt to file the lawsuit in the local court of where the accident occurred. Your best option is to seek legal advice and ask your attorney where your lawsuit should be filed. 

Alaska Accident Law
Jurisdiction Pure Comparative Fault
Liability Insurance required? Yes
Personal injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident. $50,000
Bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident. $100,000
Property damage liability maximum for one accident. $25,000
PIP required? No
No-fault state? No
Uninsured motorist coverage required? No
Bodily Injury Statue Of limitations 2 years
Property Damage Statute of Limitation 2 years
Small Claims Court Maximum Limit $10,000

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