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Are they trying to arrest me?

by Felicia
(Houston, TX )

November 5th i was scheduled to go out of town to pick up my sister who was being released from prison. I do not like to drive without vehicle insurance so on the 4th I purchased insurance through Safeco.

Actually I talked to my neighbor and she said that she had the "hook up" on insurance. All I had to pay her was $500 for full coverage. So that's what I did. Low and behold on the 5th I set out to pick up my sister and my friend was driving and he hit the back of another car.

It took them months to settle after I told them that i had been cooperating, what is the hold up. They basically thought it was an insurance set up but it wasn't. They finally fixed my car. But with in the time of doing so the payment for my premiums was returned. I found out and told my neighbor what is going on. I paid you for my insurance. So she said she would fix it.

It happened again. I was feds up at this point I was angry cause of fear that they were going to keep my car do to the rejections of the payments. So I logged on to my account and notices that she was paying it with a hot checks that belonged to someone else. So I was all out irate.

I spent my cash and paid my policy. They finished my car and case closed. Now Safeco is calling me saying that their lawyers need to take a recorded statement under oath about the accident and the payments. I am totally confused now. I asked them did i need a lawyer and they told me no.

I was questioned by the police in January and I told them what happened. What are they trying to do and what do i need to do?

My adjuster who handled the claim said that even though I paid the money for the claim, initially it was paid by someone else's money. I did not know that it was happening that way till I was questioned in January. But from the pay history the initial payment never went through, not justifying the situation. But if I ended up paying with cash money what is going on?

Please help.


Hello Felicia,

This is a rather complicated situation. The insurance company and or the police may need your cooperation to get your "friend" busted.

They maybe looking at you as a direct suspect. There is no enough information for me to guide you. You really need a good local attorney. Insurance fraud is a serious offense and you want to make sure you are not being prosecuted.

Safeco cannot arrest you (they are not the police). And the cops must have probable cause or an arrest warrant before arrest. A lawyer can tell you if they have either.

Call a lawyer now.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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Oct 07, 2011
no way!
by: Anonymous

felicia, you might want to stop by the store and pick up a BRAIN, or at the very least, some COMMON SENSE!! good god, how did you get this far in life with choices like this?

May 04, 2010
Precaution is better than cure
by: Anonymous

Hey hi there

Just cool and calm and remember one thing always precaution is better than cure so go to the best lawyer of your city who deals in this type of matters and ask every thing. He must be help u out and I think are just out of this very soon.

So best of luck and I prey the god.

Apr 14, 2010
Do I help them?
by: Felicia

So do I cooperate with Safeco's lawyer's. If I don't cooperate will that give them probable cause for a warrant? Safeco told me there was no need for me to get a lawyer, but you think I should?


You need to talk to a lawyer. Yes, there is a need. You are asking if this gives probable case? You need an attorney.

Good Luck

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