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Auto accident - airbag issues? damages and fault

by Kevin

My fiancee and i were recently involved in 45-50 mph head on auto accident. The accident has destroyed both our credit, the car has been in a tow yard for 55 days and has still not been released. We both had to go to the hospital and were diagnosed with sever whip-lash, which we both still suffer from in our necks and backs;

however, we have been unable to go in for follow up visits.

further, this accident cost my fiancee 3 days work, and due to the lack of a second car, has completely prevented me from getting a job, or working in any fashion, i have been reduced to collecting recycling on the side of the road for work. We need help figuring this out.

Should we sue the people at fault for the accident, their insurance company, we just don't know. Further, the car was a used car sold with a full guarantee that everything was functional in/on the car, yet in a 45 mph (my speed only) crash the air bags didn't deploy!

Is there anything we can do about that??? The front end of the car is in the engine cavity, if we were going faster we could have been killed!




Hello Kevin,

You have a very severe case. There is no question that the air bags should of deployed. Usually, I try to instruct on the insurance process. Visit: Navegation Bar for more information about car accidents, for vehicle damages and bodily injury claims.

In any event, you do have a case against the person at fault. It sounds like you were put in a very bad spot, and that you and your wife have the ability to do something about it.

Since there are so many variables in your case (the car, the speed, the doctors note about severe whiplash, the fact that was a head on collision), I believe you really need to talk to an attorney. Most attorneys take this type of case for free (they only collect if you collect). But at this point, it is probably the best thing.

Thank you.

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