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Auto Accident Injury Claim


How much your auto accident injury claim is worth is best determined by looking into the types of damages and the gravity of the injury you sustained. Also, your percentage of fault is another factor your insurance provider will look into to determine monetary settlement.

Detailed below are the types of damages that are recoverable in an auto accident injury claim.

Medical Bills: Included in the medical bills are the expenses needed to treat the injury you incurred out of the auto collision. Doctor visitations, hospitalization expenses, emergency room bills, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy bills and also any type of medical supports (wheelchairs, crutches, neck and leg braces, etc.) that are needed for your treatment are covered under the medical bills.


Future Medical Bills: You can be covered for your future medications and medical treatments if you can show that these are necessary for your complete recovery. Medical experts and your doctor can help determine the amount you need for future medical care.

Pain and Suffering: You can be compensated for the physical pain that you sustained out of the accident. In a court of law, a jury's decision on the amount of money to be awarded will be based on the nature of the damages and on the degree of the pain suffered by the injured party.

Emotional Trauma: You can be compensated for the emotional distress you are suffering from because of the trauma from the accident. This will also cover for the loss of dignity, humiliation felt from any disfigurement incurred, grief from the loss of a loved one and others of the same nature.


Lost Wages: You can be compensated for the wages you would have earned had you not been involved in the accident. Your daily wage will be computed and then multiplied with the number of work days you were out of work due to the accident. This is usually from the date of the accident to the date of the settlement award. You can also have a claim for lost wages even if you were unemployed at the time.


You can also be compensated for Loss of Earning Capacity and for Loss of Consortium.

Property Damage: You can be compensated for the damages sustained by your property. The costs for the repair and/or replacement of your motor vehicle are covered here.

Your percentage of fault can reduce the value of your auto accident injury claim. In most cases, both parties involved and their corresponding insurance providers have an idea of the percentage of fault in the accident. A rough estimate of fault can be determined by hearing the involved parties' account of events, by assessing the accident scene, by looking at police reports and by listening to testimonies from witnesses. Your monetary compensation will be reduced by your percentage fault. That is, if you were 10 percent at fault your recovery will be reduced by 10 percent and you get to collect only 90 percent as compensation for all the damages you sustained.

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