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Auto Accident, Insurance not paying

by James

My friend was in an accident a few months ago. She wasn't the owner of the car, but she was insured under policy as driver. She was rear-ended, the other person's insurance paid for damages.

However, the keep messing up when the write the check for the depreciated amount they promised to pay on the car(Name is misspelled, wrong dollar amount, forget to mail the check, etc). What can she do to make sure that they finally pay her? (It has been almost been a year since the accident)

Thank you,



Wow James, this sounds very bad.

Well, She can contact the office of the insurance commissioner (or the department of insurance, depending in which state you are) in your state and send them a letter of complaint. Usually, this office will get a letter out to the insurance company and ask them to resolve the issue within 24 hours or explain to them why they have not paid.

If they don't respond with a satisfactory answer, they might get a fine.

You can always to an attorney to get them moving.

Good Luck,

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