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Auto accident no report | What do I do?

by Holly

A man made a hugely illegal u turn with 150 feet (from the far right) lane of a traffic light going from southbound to northbound I almost took out the whole side of his car.

Luckily only the side of his car and left bumper was damaged. The front of my truck was damaged to. He didn't want to get a ticket, I was in a hurry to see a client and we exchanged info and his company has contacted me.

I informed my company about it and was advised that he could call his company, admit fault, pay the $500 deductible and that would be it. Did we do the right thing?


Hello Holly

I am sorry to hear about the accident. Well, not calling the police is a "bad" move. I do not mean to scare you, but many people "change" their story after they leave the scene. The individual you had this accident with might not change his story, but now you rely on their word.

Without a police report, you have a word v. word situation which can be sometimes hard to argue. Insurance companies also make things a little complicated. Even if a driver says "it's my fault, pay them for the damages I caused."

The insurance company will want to do a fault investigation and determine if they believe if that driver was really at fault. In many accident claims, insurance companies argue that their clients do not know the rules of the road or do not know the "fault legal analysis" and therefore they do not have to pay for that.

It is possible that you have a very honest person that will tell the insurance company exactly what you told me, but you are taking a leap of faith.

you can wait and see what the insurance company is going to do, if not you can file a claim with your own insurance company and have them investigate the claim for you.

Good Luck,

Question: Auto accident no report | What do I do?

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