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Auto accident release of claims

by Chris R.

I was in an accident that was my fault, not my car and the car was no longer insured. I have spoken to the person that I hit and we agreed thatI would compensate him for the damage caused. I had him sign a release of claims letter that I got from this site. Almost a yesr laterhis insurance company is subrigating ?sp? and has demanded that I pay for the repairs.

Is this right, I have already settled the claim with the car owners and now I have to pay the insurance for the repairs? Please give me your thoughts.

Chris R.


Hello Chris,

Well, it depends on the exact language of the release of claims (any and/all claims or only injury claims).

Also, you have to pay as agreed (paid consideration) and have a valid release (the right parties, for the correct accident, etc.), then you are most likely covered.

The best thing to do in your situation it to talk to an attorney. Some of them will help you for free (first consultation), and some will have the insurance company talk to them and have the matter go away for you.

This does not mean insurance company will not keep trying.

Good Luck,

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