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Auto accident, unlicensed driverl, injury coverage?

by Laura

I was in an accident where the other driver came out of a wall-mart parking lot and was crossing the street to get to the parking lot crossed the street, I was in my right lane going straight when she ran into the front of my truck.

She accepted that she was at fault to the police and they gave her a ticket for failure to yield from a private parking lot. I got a ticket for no license but it clearly states that she is the only one at fault on the police report.

I only have liability insurance on my truck and I believe it is totaled and now I am going to therapy and still owe on my truck. My question is, does her insurance have to cover the damages?


Hello Laura,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. The insurance companies will have to do an investigation, both to assess fault and to assess coverage. Police reports and tickets are evidence of negligence, but they are not the decisive factor. Sounds like you have no liability on this, but again, an investigation must be done. For more about fault, please see:

The second issue will be coverage by your own insurance company. Your medical bills will only be covered if you carry PIP coverage AND if there is no exclusion for unlicensed drivers (some auto policies will exclude coverage for this). If no coverage, then you will have to pay for your medical bills out of pocket until you settle (assuming the insurance companies determine that you are not at fault).

For more about injury claims please see:

Good Luck,

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