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Auto car accident claim issues with loss work

by Teresa

My daughter was hit from behind at a signal light. The man who hit her has not files a report and his insurance company does not want to pay her for the time (one day) of work that she took of to have a estimate done at their location. We are still waiting for their client to file a report it has been a week.
Thank you


Hello Teresa,

I am having a hard time understanding your question. It appears that a guy hit your daughter and that person is not filing a claim? If this is correct, you do not have to wait for them. You can file a claim against them. Call the insurance company and file a claim as a claimant, they will have to call their insured and do an investigation and pay for your damages.

You say that the insurance company does not want to pay her for her time? So maybe you did file a claim but it has been declined for payment? If this is the case, your daughter is entitled to documented loss wages due to an injury. You could argue that because of the car accident (not the injury) you could not make it work, but you need to be able to show that you did miss out on some kind of wages.

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