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Auto claim worth? | How much to ask for?

by Larry
(Louisville, Ky. 40291 USA)

I was rear ended by a driver. Back Pain the next day. 5 weeks of therapy.
Upper left shoulder blade/lower back.

Therapy has been completed. Missed some things at home, trouble sleeping, could not do yard work, sit still son's ball games, worry when driving.

Other driver is at fault and Insurance company wants to settle. Not sure what to ask for, thanks for any info you can provide.


Hello Larry,

I have no idea. You did not give us enough details here. If you have back pain and trouble sleeping, you will have to have that documented by a doctor.

Please see our section on please see: Bodily Injury Claim and pain and suffering.

The only person who can really give you a stragih answer here is a local lawyer. The form below can help you with that.

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Good Luck,
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