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Auto insurance claim for accident in pkg lot?

(North carolina)

Car hit in parking lot, (hit and run), and my car sustained damage to r front bumper. Have insurance with state farm.

They said my insurance rate will go up if i put in a claim. Took car to repair shop. he said repair will cost $600 and that my rate should not go up because it will cost under $1800. is state farm telling me the truth?



Well, the only person who can really give you a straight answer will be your state farm underwriter (not even your agent). The bottom line is that just about all accidents will increase your "risk" index, which means your rates will be adjusted.

For how much? We do not know.

Do remember that you pay insurance for a reason! You pay insurance to use it when you need it. If you do not have the cash and feel that you are paying for this service then use your policy.

Insurance agents do like to discourage people from turning in claims. They have a vested reason. If their clients file claims, their loss ratio goes up, and the bonus they receive at the end of the year goes down. Some agents take this to heart and do not like or make it complicate it for you to not file claims.

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