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Auto Insurance Company Coverage Dropped

by Nicole
(El Cajon, CA USA)

I was involved in an accident, when the car in front of me stopped at a green light, and he did not have his signal on to turn right, therefore resulting in an accident. His car (a Cadillac) bumper was damaged, while mine was totaled.

I thought the accident would be handled by our insurance company (Mecury), however 3 weeks after our accident our insurance company dropped us without notice.

We had been insured with this company for 3 months before the accident occurred.

The insurance company therefore does not want to pay for the damages on the other car.

The other driver has contacted me and stated that if his car is not fixed soon, he will take me to small claims court.

I have proof that my car was insured by my insurance company, but now what do i do?

Answer to Auto Insurance Company Coverage Dropped

Hello Nicole,

This is random. Typically, insurance carriers must state why you are dropped or they must wait until the end of the policy term to not renew your policy.

File a complaint with the department of insurance as soon as you can.

Also, remember that simply because the policy was dropped it does not mean that there was not coverage at the time of the accident. That change does not preclude coverage without important facts (like fraud). Also, talk to an attorney.

Good Luck,
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