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Auto Insurance Denied My claim for Deer hit what can i do now

by Jon

I hit a deer with my car I was traveling at about 45 MPH the Insurance company denied my claim saying that I didn't really hit a deer.

I guess on my end I trusted the Insurance company too much because I didn't contact police or anything, on the outside the damage didn't look that significant but the was internal damage to my car total estimate was over $4,000 dollars.

Now I have to pay for it myself and they are saying I was denied for fraud. I was almost in tears because not only can't I afford to fix it but i couldn't believe this would happen to me. Now I don't know what my options are besides trying to fix it myself with parts from a junk yard the only problem is I drive a 2006 Chevy equinox and I have not been able to find one at a junkyard without front end damage.

The Insurance company told me my only options are to hire and attorney and file a complaint with the Insurance Department (which I intend to do). But i cannot afford an attorney while my car is drivable I don't know that it will pass inspection which is coming up in a couple months.

Please offer any advice possible thank you


Hello Jon,

Well, unfortunately those are your options. Depending on how much damages you are talking about, you may consider small claims court. The limits of how much you can recover are set by statute and this many not be the best option.

You really should consider talking to a lawyer. A fraud claim is a "bad" thing to have in your record. You may have to pay substantial increases on insurance (not just auto insurance, but all insurance - home, renters, liability, etc.)

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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