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Auto Theft | Being accused of stealing my own car!

by John

my 2008 denali was stolen from my driveway. It was recovered the next day stripped and burned.

I had an extra set of keys in the glove box. My insurance is accusing me of stealing it, i have never made a late payment and they have no proof i did this, which i had nothing to do with. Can they deny my claim, what should i do?


Hello John,

I am sorry to hear this. Insurance companies get a little hesitant and investigate a lot more when newer vehicles are burned. They see direct correlations between gas prices and fraudulent claims. The more expensive big vehicles become to gas up, the more fraudulent claims appear (easier to burn a car down and claim insurance money than to sell it, according to the insurance instituted).

The bottom line however is that they must show you that you did cause the damage. They have to have evidence of this, if they cannot come up with it, the must pay. They don't have evidence because you did not do it.

If they give you the run around, you are going to have to hire a lawyer and go after them.

Auto Theft | Being accused of stealing my own car!

Good Luck,

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