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Auto theft claim thanking too long

by Jason

My car was stolen 2 months ago, I had full coverage, GAP, and custom upgrade insurance for tires and rims. Car was recovered 2 weeks ago. long story short its been sitting ever since at auto mechanic, it wont start and no approval has been given to go forth.

Can’t get a return phone call of a straight answer, the standard answer is "investigation is still ongoing" iu think im getting the runaround. i just want it settled, i cant afford to keep the payments up since i bought a new car. what are my options??


Hello Jason,

You need to contact the Colorado Department of insurance and file a complaint (if the claim was file more than 30 days ago). The insurance company must give you a definite answer (more than investigation is on going). Investigation of what? Coverage issues? Damages? Value of the car? Can repairs be made?

If they do not declare your vehicle a total loss, then you gap coverage will not kick in. Contact your state commissioner, that usually gets the ball rolling.

Good luck

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