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Auto vs bicycle | Insurnace Issues

by Jay

My wife was just starting to turn left on the green turn arrow when a bicyclist speeding across 3 stopped lanes of traffic tried to cross before the three lanes got their green light.

Meanwhile, she did not notice the inner left lane turning left, and crashed into my wife's vehicle on the right side. the police cited the bicyclist for failing to yield the right of way, and said that she was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

meanwhile we have been told by our auto insurance that we are out the deductible to repair the car. would this girl's parents' auto coverage be responsible to reimburse us if she is a covered driver?




Your intuition is correct (there could be coverage there), however you have to look at that policy (the girl's parent's) to determine if the would provide any coverage for this type of claim.

Most insurance policies read that they would cover any resident of the household (family member)if they are in a vehicle accident. She was in a vehicle accident. There might be exclusions for motorcycles that could apply to bicycle's, depending on who the policy is phrased.

Usually, this type of thing takes time to investigate (to assign the claim to the right person who interprets coverage, and to determine if she lives with her parent and qualifies as a "resident of the household family member." What happens is you have to pay your deductible, but later when this is decided (assuming that there is no question on the fact that she is at fault) her insurance company will send you the deductible back. This could take several weeks or even months.

Depending on how bad is your damage, you might want to wait for their payment so you are not out any money out of your pocket.

Good Luck,

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