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Backed up onto my brothers car - are we covered?

by Kristina

This morning I backed up into my brothers car on our driveway. Damage on his car looks way over his deductible ($500).

We have same insurance (AAA) but have separate ins. policies.So far we haven't reported anything.
What is the best way to go with this, since I don't want our insurances to go up? Damage on my car is probably less then my deductible.



Hi Kristina,

Well, some insurance policies waive deductibles if you have a dual claim (one accident, same insurance company). It is supposed to cover situations like yours. I am not sure if you policy will read this way, but it is one of those things you want to considered.

Even if the deductible is not waived (which could be the case), the issue will remain, what will happen to the rates. visit:
for other considerations regarding rates.

Remember, there are many things to consider before filling a claim. How many other claims you have? The fact that this was a "silly" accident does not make it a "bad" accident. This type of thing happens and you do pay for insurance for a reason.

Now, since you back up into his car, it would be your fault. Therefore it will be your policy that will pay for his damages (as you said, different policies). He would not have a deductible because his damages are "third party damages" in your policy. His damages will be paid under your liability coverage which has no deductibles (on personal policies).

Your damage will be subject to your collision deductible (again unless AAA policies give you the deductible waiver for dual policy accidents).

I hope this helps you make a decision,

Good Luck

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