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Backing out of parking space

by Mickey
(Centralia, Washington)

I was hit by a car as I was backing out of a parking space. I had already stopped backing out of the space just prior to the car hitting my vehicle.

The person admitted that they were going too fast, didn't see me and were apologetic. A few days later their tune changed and the insurance company is denying the claim solely based on the fact that I was the one backing out, saying that it was incumbent on me to stop any collision from happening. Is this true?

I have a cracked bumper, over $1000 in damage and none owning up to it.

I never gave the driver my insurance information, but she gave me hers - such was the understanding about fault at the time of the accident.

What should I do?


Hello Mickey,

If you are backing out of parking space, you have a higher duty to look and make sure none is behind you. This does not mean that you are 100% at fault, but you may be a big portion at fault. There are no enough facts to determine that here.

Contact your insurance company and have them do an investigation.

Good Luck,
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