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Backing out of the Driveway

by Nancy

I was backing out of my driveway, a car stopped to let me out. The car behind him came around him and struck my bumper on the driver side as I was switching from reverse to drive.

My bumper only has a scratch but the other persons vehicle has a dent on the passenger side bumper.

Who's at fault? It’s a residential street with parked cars on each side and enough road for 2 cars to squeeze by each other.

I was clearly out of the driveway as he went onto the wrong side of the road to get around the vehicle that had stopped for me. Since its minor damage he wants to get estimates and not go through the insurance.

Am I at fault because I was backing out, or is he because he was on the wrong side of the road.

Answer to Backing out of the Driveway?

Hello Nancy,

Well, this is a little harder than you think. You could both be at fault, at least a percentage. Typically, a vehicle backing out of a drive way has a higher duty, but here, the other vehicle was giving you the right of way. The vehicle going around may have pass illegally causing the accident.

They likely have liability in this accident. Talk to your insurance company as you want them involved protecting your interest here.

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