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Bad Accident | What to do?

I was in my first car accident and it was my fault.

Involved there were a few cars that we damaged i got a letter from my insurance company saying that got property damage settlements for the claimants insurance carriers and that my limits at the time of loss were 10,000 and that the adverse carriers will utilize every legal option to recoup the excess amount that i will have some personal exposure.

What do I do now? Do i need a lawyer? Do i need to pay this ASAP?


Hello there,

Well, this is a hard situation. The insurance company must protect you and hire a lawyer for you.

They have an affirmative duty to settle within your policy limits; however, your limits are rather low. If they cannot settle, they have to show that they tried but it was not possible. They however have a duty to defend you, so the defense cost is not included on that limit.

You need to contact with your insurance company and ask for specifics. Sometimes this letters are boiler plate. This one could be serious, so make sure they explain everything to you.

In many cases, insurance companies will have you sign a statement of no assets so they can cover the loss under their underinsured coverage. This is often the case, but it might not be yours.

Again, the best thing to do is to contact your insurance company and have them explain exactly what damages are there.

You are strongly advised to talk to an attorney.

Good Luck

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