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Bad Situation | I don't remember what I did

by Tito

On a Friday night I enjoyed some time with some old friends I haven't seen in years. We decided to visit a Hookah Lounge which was a first time for me. Since I smoked cigars it was a great experience, not for long though. I didn't have any drinks which really my choice was water.

After 2 hours of smoking Hookah, I decided to go home. My drive was about a 1 hour and 30 minute drive. I only made it through the hour when I went to pump gas in my car and as I was putting the cap on the gas tank, I felt weird and fainted. I got up and got in the car and that's really all I remember.

As I woke up the next morning I noticed my car was gone. I still felt weak but with a huge headache. I quickly call the cops and report my car stolen. Then I call my insurance and file a claim too. As time passes, I hear nothing from the cops and my insurance until an officer calls me and tells me my car has been recovered.

I didn't asked where it was found. Later in the week I start to feel better and a cop calls me to ask me a couple of questions and tells me what he thinks happened at the scene.

I quickly lost it and noticed that I ran my car into a parked truck of Christmas trees.

I didn't tell the cops anything cause I'm afraid they think I'm lying. I had no intension of doing this way and ending with me getting in trouble. I'm stressed and tired I don't have any idea what to do in this situation.

Answer to Bad Situation | I don't remember what I did:

Hello Tito,

I am sorry for the delay. Our system was down for a while. Here you go:

You can’t lie to either the police or an insurance company. Lying to an insurance company is fraud. If you now remember what happened, you need to set the record straight.

Talk to a lawyer before you do anything. You need to know if you have prejudice yourself, but you want to do it quickly. No need to have them found out what happened and then have some sort of charges on you. Again, talk to an attorney.

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