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Being pulled out of snow and damage occurs

by Jamie
(Mexico, MO )

Commercial vehicle gets stuck in customers drive way. We tell them tow truck is on way. Homeowner demands we get in van and steer as he pulls out. We say not a good idea and insists.

He attaches chain pulls van out we have no control of wheel while still being pulled he slams our van into a pillar.

Continues to drive fast around circle drive. gets us stuck again. we jump out of van blowing horn telling him to stop. Before doors are even closed he takes off pulling the van which is now in PARK.

Pulling van down driveway. Leaves us standing in driveway and just goes back in house without saying a word. Then comes back and says...."i assume your covered) with no indication of giving us his insurance information>

Drivers side door wont open and front fender completely dented in and scraped. Lettering on door ripping off


Hello Jamie,

I am sorry to hear about this situation.

Well, if you or your employee got in the van and attempted to pull him out, you could be liable. You took control of the situation when you decide to pull them out.

You may not be 100% at fault, there may be also liability on your client. There is not enough information here to know for sure, but if you did assume the risk by trying to get them out of the driveway, you could be liable.

Good Luck,
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